• We want the BEST FOOD for our families, our children, our environment, and our community.

  • Strengthen our local farmers for a STRONGER community - sow local, grow local, reap local.

  • From the farm to the kitchen, we ADVOCATE policies that promote health and sustainability.

  • We want to IMPROVE the local food system so everybody can eat healthy.

  • We want everyone in our community to have ACCESS to healthy, safe, local and affordable food.

Policy Achievements

Want to know what the food policy coalition has accomplished? Check out this timeline!


Resources and information to help you find local, healthy food to benefit you and your community.

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About Us

The Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition advocates for a strong local food system that provides healthy, sustainable and accessible foods for everyone living in Greater Kansas City serving a nine-county region. We want the food that our families, our children, and our neighbors eat to be the best for our bodies, our environment, and our local community. 

This alliance includes representatives from all critical segments of our local food system, including healthcare, agriculture, education, social services, food distribution, government, private business, nonprofit agencies, and others.